Ayurvedic Consultation

Ayurveda is a 5,000 year old science that believes we are all unique beings who can achieve balance and health by eating foods that serve our particular body type. The first step is identifying your dosha (think: body and personality type). Then we explore what is out of balance (ex: excess weight, anxiety, low energy). Next, we develop a nutritional strategy: foods that fuel you verse foods that drain you. Finally, we set a goal, just one simple thing you will change in the next day/week/month and create steps to hold you accountable to reaching your desired outcome.

Ayurveda believes we are all perfect beings who already possess all we need to be happy and healthy. By exploring your instinctive preferences and emphasizing what strengthens your mind and spirit, you are able to start living your ideal, healthy lifestyle.

So how do we go about this?

Depending on your end goal, here are three simple plans to get you started.


90-minute Ayurvedic Profile

If you are curious to learn more about your body type and what foods will best serve you, this is the perfect fit.

We will sit down for 60-90 minute call and talk about:

  • your health goals

  • your dosha profile

  • what foods strengthen your body and which should be avoided

  • develop a meal plan and accountability steps to help you reach your health goals

Building a New Dietary Habit

This is a 6-session program for someone looking to make a major shift to their nutritional behavioral patterns for health or weight loss reasons.

  • In the initial session, we review your health goals, develop your dosha profile and create a food strategy

  • Then each week, we meet for 1-hour to discuss how the previous week went, what obstacles came up, what successes you had, and what goals you want to establish for the next week

  • In-between each session, you outline clear goals and accountability steps that will get you to your health goal

It takes 21-days to break a habit. This plan gives you time to change your behavior and a few weeks of support to make sure the change is sustainable.



Making a Long-term Health Change

If you have struggled in the past to make a change to your diet or lifestyle, this is the plan for you. In this model, we work together for 3-months making sure that we clearly outline your health goals, explore your motivations for achieving them, pick from what has worked in the past (and what hasn’t), and develop your step-by-step Wellness Plan.

  • Step 1: identify your health goals, develop your Ayurvedic profile and create a meal plan

  • Step 2: once you are comfortable in your healthy food choices, we begin to add in movement (gentle yoga, light cardio, resistance exercises)

  • Step 3: the last step is your mind/body connection. be it meditation, self-care, or daily affirmations, this is the tool that will solidify your dietary and lifestyle change

I am there with your each step of the process making sure you are setting realistic goals, being held accountable, and always moving forward towards your health goal. Remember, we take it one step at a time making it a fun journey filled with gentle changes.

If you would like to learn more about what foods strengthen your body or make a shift in your diet to improve your health, reach out anytime:

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