I began coaching with Lauren during a very exciting, but also very unsteady time in my life. I had just made a big cross country move to live in a city I barely knew, with no job, and little to anchor me aside from a bit of hope and a steely resolve. My anxiety was higher than it’d ever been, I wasn’t eating, I was having trouble sleeping; I was incapable of being still, fearing that all of the doubts and negative energy I felt brewing in the back of my mind would take hold if I stopped even for a second. Lauren guided me through these moments expertly, asking thoughtful questions, providing perspective, but above all, by listening. She didn’t read from a script or ask stock questions. Lauren earnestly and compassionately assessed the information I provided, and helped to further my understanding of who I was (physically, mentally, and emotionally), and what it was I ultimately needed and wanted in this new life. She has an uncanny ability to both instill confidence and also push you to think deeper, to pay more attention. Without her, I don’t think I would have been able to amass so much self-assurance and peace in such a short amount of time, and I’m forever grateful for her guidance and understanding.
— Jessica Jimenez, Los Angeles, CA
Right after giving birth to my first child, I needed help figuring out how to manage my new role as a mom and meet my goals of being a healthy, happy individual. Lauren very quickly helped me set priorities and realistic goals. With gentle guidance, she kept me accountable so I never felt overwhelmed by the process but saw results.
— Georgia Warner-Miller, Teacher, Washington, DC
Lauren Kranich has enormously enriched my personal and professional life through a combination of holistic life tactics. Together, we have formulated feasible daily behaviors that help me to manage stress and keep me accountable for taking care of myself first. It’s been a beautiful progressive partnership so far and I can’t wait to see what the future brings.
— Jackie Heller, Event Planner, NYC
Thank You, Lauren! Through your coaching you helped me remember that it is okay to make myself a priority. As women, we juggle so much: sick family, spouses, careers, and friends. You helped me pinpoint where I needed to start and kept me motivated to work on my needs. Your kindness and sincerity made it a joy to check in each week and your direction made accomplishing my goals more manageable instead of overwhelming. So thankful for your service! I will definitely refer you to anyone needing advice!
— Mother of Sonny, Financial Service Professional, New Jersey
Lauren helped me reframe my thinking (and, in turn, behavior) in areas of my life where I felt unsatisfied. She helped with issues that had seemed totally overwhelming, breaking them down into goals that motivated me to do just a little more each week - and it worked! She was never judgmental if I didn’t do everything I’d set out to; instead, she was more focused on figuring out what prevented me from getting there. Lauren is really personable and makes the sessions conversational, so the process never felt forced. I would definitely recommend her to others who need a boost or someone to hold them accountable in their day to day.
— Michele T., Grants Manager, NYC