Week 1:

Bridal Boot Camp


We all have to start somewhere… this week, my goal is to gently awaken my body.

For my hair and skin, I am going to start taking a daily biotin supplement and will cut dairy out of my diet for the next 30-days.

 For Michelle Obama arms, I decided to use Beach Body’s 21 Day Fix-upper body workout 4 times over the next 7 days.  It includes:

  • Planks

  • Pushups

  • Bent over row

  • Transverse twist

  • Lat pullovers

  • Hammer curl/shoulder press

  • Front raise

  • Chest press

As I only own 5 lbs weights, that is what I will be using.

 For abs, I will do the following crunches (20 each, then repeat):

  • Standard crunch

  • Table top

  • Right then left leg lift & crunch

  • Alternating toe touch

  • Toe touch (center)

  • Oblique crunches:  right and left

  • Cobbler’s pose pulse

  • Side twists:  right then left

  • Leg raise

  • Bicycle

Then cardio will be 1 hour, 3 times next week + 2 yoga classes.

Meditation:  15 minutes daily.

This should get my body awake.