I open my eyes to the gifts of life and my heart is full of joy and goodness

Through practicing yoga, we learn to quiet our minds and strengthen our bodies.  These benefits can be gained at any age and are accessible to all communities.  Holistic Wellness looks to bring the joy of gentle movement to all generations, from children’s yoga to chair yoga.  Be it at home in your living room, in the office, or at the library, yoga fosters the mind/body connection that allows us to reach ideal health.

Holistic Wellness Yoga Offers

  • One-on-One Training: In a private session, we develop gentle sequencing to fit your health needs and to meet your body where it is today.

  • Children’s Yoga: Through movement, children are able to focus their attention, strengthen their bodies, and connect with their breath. These skills carry over into all aspects of their lives.

  • Mommy/Daddy and Me Yoga: Yoga allows families to strengthen their minds, bodies and relationships through fun, playful movements.

  • Accessible or Chair Yoga: No matter your age, injury, athletic ability, or body type, you can practice yoga. Be it a group setting or one-on-one, we develop sequencing that grounds you, quiets your busy mind, and strengthens your body.

  • Meditation: Taking a few moments to quiet our minds helps to reduce stress and allows us to live happier, healthier lives.  Through grounding techniques, visualizations, and body scans, meditation allows us to connect with our breath and be more present in our day-to-day lives.